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Definitive travel and surf spot guide for Central America: El Zonte, Pavones, Santa Catalina, Popoyo… oh and Lobitos, Peru by intrepidsurfer.

Are you travelling away from home, to surf around Central America from hostel/ surf spot to the next and searching for relevant surf tourism related information? Thinking about going to Popoyo, Santa Catalina, Pavones, Lobitos, Las Flores or El Zonte to surf and chill out at your hostel. is a long term project to identify and integrate the Central America surf tourism circuit.

Not only discussing great surf spots, the website elaborates on the many facets that makes a great surf spot possible to surf: travel tips, local infrastructure and services, accommodation available and mainly a bit more context to the destination. is designed to be an integrated information hub and orientated towards surfers/backpacker tourism niches. Providing information on main surf tourism hubs and their lateral/ lineal destinations. All destinations are part of the greater Pan-American highway route that stretches for over 48,000 km along the Pacific coast. Central America surf tourism route section CA-1 encompasses: Guatemala-El Salvador-Nicaragua-Costa Rica- Panama.

Intrepidsurfer provides more in depth analysis of the surf spot than other known sources.

Currently the following are available to view and more will be linked:

Santa Catalina, Panama
Pavones, Costa Rica
Popoyo, Nicaragua

El Zonte, El Salvador Surf

Las Flores, El Salvador Surf

Lobitos, Peru


Punta Mango unridden surf

Punta Mango unridden surf