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Are you going to surf away from home? Planning that trip to surf amazing waves around the world can be a little daunting. We are doing it with you. We know the in’s and out’s of travelling off the beaten path in our search for perfection. This site is not about giving away secrets, the few that remain should do as long as possible. We outline established surf destinations only. This in the sense that there is an established tourism industry that cater to surfers and travellers alike. We will introduce well beaten surf routes, how to navigate amongst different spots across countries and give you good insight. Finding that dream spot is up to you and how prepared are you to find it.

A surf trip guide that gives so much more than just how a surf break works. Tired of trawling the internet to search for information needed to make a great surf trip?  Frustrated with known websites that take ages to load onto your screen when you are in the middle of nowhere?  Imagine where Magicseaweed/Surf Line meets Lonely Planet,  meets hostelworld/ hotel bookings, meets Wannasurf and much more.  We will even tell you if there is ATM onsite to withdraw funds, how to get local transport, if there are options to do laundry, shops to purchase food and drinks.

The new website addresses these deficiencies,  consolidates all necessary information for free and promotes grassroot businesses to “put them on the map”. We have already started coverage in Central America and Morocco. You could be a solo, group or family surfer exploring surf spots along your route. The website we are all creating provides subtle insights and generates a wide variety of locations to read up on.

Surf trip routes:

Intrepidsurfer is a community website that adds new surf routes as we travel them ourselves. It starts from landing at that airport and ends the moment you leave from the airport. We do our best to research and plug in relevant information on each location. All the locations we present, if within a country or specific geographic zone, will be linked to one another and more than likely part of your surf trip. Within each location, you will find information on local transport, local places to eat and to shop for food, where to sleep and loads of surf information.

We present the following and hope you enjoy:

Surf Central America:

We ventured four months from Panama to Guatemala to scope out the surf route across Central America.  These are some of the regional classics, some if not all of which you will want to surf.

We have been to the following and share:

  • Santa Catalina Panama: One of Central America´s best surf locations. It has plenty reef breaks that will keep you coming back for more. Surf Santa Catalina.
  • Surf Pavones Costa Rica: The longest wave in Central America and surf with a lush tropical rainforest in the back drop. This is still generally off the beaten path but well worth the visit: Surf Pavones.
  • Surf Avellanas Costa Rica: Those desperate to avoid Tamarindo and steer clear of anything but surfing. Avellanas is nice knit surf community welcoming travellers to enjoy the area. Its only less than surf minutes drive from Tamarindo: Surf Avellanas.
  • Surf Witches Rock Costa Rica: The mystic and magical roca bruja in Santa Rosa National Park. Witches Rock is the total package in terms of surf exploration, adventure and good times.
  • Surf Popoyo Nicaragua: The land of the offshores! Popoyo is a wave magnet and has so much to offer to every surfer. You will not get tired of this place as long as you keep exploring in the area and you will not be disappointed. Surf Popoyo.
  • Surf Las Flores El Salvador: Eat, sleep, surf and repeat is the name of the games here. You need to wait for the low tide here for Las Flores to be working. If not you will need to take the small boat to Punta Mango: Surf Las Flores
  • Surf Punta Mango El Salvador: This place in the bust of El Salvador. There is literally nothing else to do here other than surf! It has an epic wave to compensate for its isolation: Surf Punta Mango.
  • Surf El Zonte El Salvador: The cool and best place to hang out in El Salvador. It has plenty waves and even a couple lefts to offer. It has something to offer in all tides here. Great little coffee shop in the village too. Surf El Zonte.
  • Visit Antigua Guatemala: Ok, we know its not a surf spot, but if you have come this far North you will visit here. Escape from the coastal heat and into the cool and lush volcanic mountains. Recharge your batteries here and continue the adventure. Visit Antigua
  • Surt El Paredon Guatemala: A lesser known spot on the Central American surf route is El Paredon. If you are into beach breaks and its associated conditions, this is the place for you. Check out the great little not for profit La Choza Chula working with the local community.  Surf El Paredon.

Surf Morocco project:

This is our latest project and we are currently in Taghazout, Morocco. Not only will we be updating the website here but also providing our daily ´pop-up´ surf report. We have landed in Taghazout as it is the main gateway destination for surfers in Morocco. From here we wish to incorporate Imessouane and Mirleft. We will also include known satellite surf spot destinations such as Killers, etc.

We present the following surf destinations:

  • Surf Taghazout Morocco: The epicentre of surf in Morocco, Taghazout is the ideal location to base yourself and adventure out to all it has to offer. There are a plethora of different waves to surf here and for all levels of surfer. Surf Taghazout.

Surf Lobitos Peru:

We know this location like the back of our hand! Some of the project team have lived there on site for multiple years. Lobitos is one of those rare surf areas that concentrate such a punch and variety of waves. The village itself was established off the back of petroleum exploration by the British. In over a hundred years, Lobitos has transformed itself into one of the biggest surfing destination on the South American continent. Surf Lobitos and find out more.

Surf Map

This map is a free google map of the surf locations we visit and publish on this website. It will give you context in relating distances between different surf spots. Click on a location within the map and you will have an option to read more about it.

Surf spots coming soon:

This is a community website for surfers and travellers alike. There are several different writers working on the intrepidsurfer project. All of which are writing in new locations to integrate into the surf routes. Please come visit us often to check out new pages posted all the time. If you have any input you would like to share with us, please contact us and share your ideas.

The following are being written up and will be posted shortly:

  • Bocas del Toro Panama: This place is a playground for surfers and the vast majority of spots are only accessible by boat. For Caribbean generated swell, this place picks up the best of it.
  • Playa Venao Panama: Tucked away towards the West of Panama, Playa Venao is a little gem for those wishing to get away from it all. This is a nice place to break up your journey between Panama city and Santa Catalina.
  • Boquete Panama: This is a feeder location linking the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines. Crossing through here takes about the whole day or night without stopping. This place is fresh and cool compared to the rigid heat of the coasts in Panama,
  • Puerto Viejo (Salsa Brava) Costa Rica: The Caribbean meets Latin America here. You will at moments forget you are in Central America here and the vibe is great. There is lots going on here and if you like to party: this is it.
  • Leon Nicaragua: This is not a surf location obviously, but a feeder destination that links surf spots in Nicaragua to El Salvador. This is a historic town with a healthy traveller scene. Stock up on good meals here.
  • Playa Boom  Nicaragua: An offshoot from Leon, playa Boom is a great location for some full time surfing. There isn’t much to do here other than explore, relax and surf.
  • El Tunco  El Salvador: The party scene of El Salvador for nationals and tourists alike. There are several waves here that break at all tides. There are loads of hostels and hotels here.
  • Punta Roca El Salvador: A great waves to go check out if you are staying in El Tunco or El Zonte by chicken bus: hop on and hop off to surf.
  • K59 El Salvador: Same as Punta Roca, K59 is definitely a place to explore and surf. Once again the chicken buses are the best way to reach here.
  • Imsouane Morocco: A regional classic of Southern Morocco. This sleepy fishing village is home to a very long right hand point break! It is best surfed at low tide, but no fear as there are plenty waves around the corner.
  • Mirleft Morocco: Start heading towards the off beaten track and head South towards Mirleft. Plenty of surf here and a lot less surfers to be found.


Contact us:

Be part of this project and you will be directly part of a growing online surf guide. Where you can view for free all the necessary information needed for an epic surf trip. You will not need to purchase bulky and expensive guidebooks. More importantly you will be directly helping disadvantaged grassroot businesses: helping them help themselves. If you want to learn more, email an idea, be part of the project or just voice your opinion. Then email us and we will get back to you are quickly as possible.

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