Lobitos, Peru


Welcome to the Lobitos section of intrepidsurfer.com . We endeavor to give you lots of practical surfing information on this location, but we also will provide you with context and background. Please feel free to scroll around the many different pages providing additional information such as accommodation available, local services, local culture and history, transport tips etc.

 Lobitos is truly unique, not only in terms of the quality and range of waves it offers, but also with its history, its people, and its great feel. Most who come here will stay on longer than they originally intended: it is just something about this place that just keeps you here. This place is not a party town, far from it actually, but it you are seeking a surf/relax/eat/sleep/surf… lifestyle for a while, this is the place to be.

 There are plenty of places to stay here that will suit all budgets (click here to view accommodation), a stack of restaurants offering seafood as their specialty, decent internet and mobile phone connection, but more importantly there is consistent surf and plenty of spots to choose from: for all levels of surfers!

It is always (99% of the time) sunny here, with average temperatures of 17 to 35 degrees Celsius. The water temp is board shorts from January to March and 3/2mm for the rest of the year, oh yes the wind is 99.99% of the time offshore!